Preventative HVAC Maintenance For Richmond VA Homes

How can preventative HVAC maintenance for Richmond VA homes save homeowners time and money? Preventative maintenance is always a good investment, but the investment is only as good as the plan. This brief article will address that very question, and will provide a 10 point preventative maintenance checklist to keep repairs to a minimum. 1) Always replace filters regularly. Seasonally is best, but at least twice a year. 2) Blow out the drain and clean the pan that collects condensation. 3) Clean, and/or wash condenser coil, and dry thoroughly. 4) Check for refrigerant leaks, and refill Freon if needed. 5) Check both supply and air-return temperatures. 6) Check all electrical connections. 7) Check and replace belts as needed. 8) Inspect thermometers, safety controls, and adjust (if needed) ignition and burner assembly for gas units. 9) Lubricate motor parts and non-sealed moving components. 10) Measure all Volts and AMPS on motors Keeping your heating and cooling unit in top running condition will minimize repairs and expensive replacement costs. If you are unsure how to accomplish some of these tasks yourself, contact a professional HVAC maintenance in Richmond VA to help you get and keep your HVAC unit in the best running condition possible. It is well worth the money.