Dumpster Accessories And Features To Help Protect You From Back Pain And Injuries

A dumpster can be essential for certain projects, but if you are one of the millions of Americans who struggle from back pain, you may want a few accessories or special features to make using your dumpster safer and easier on your body. Want to protect your back? Here are some features and accessories to look for:

1. A side door

Throwing objects over the side of a tall dumpster can strain your back. To hoist the load up over the side, you typically have to twist your back while also lifting, and that can easily wrench a muscle or cause spasms if you are prone to them. To prevent your body from getting into this position, you need a dumpster with a side door.

There are dumpsters with side doors that you can walk through in order to place rubbish on the floor of the dumpster. Alternatively, there are also dumpsters that come with sliding "windows" that you can open to toss garbage through.

2. A ladder or ramp

In lieu of a door, consider a ladder or ramp. You can buy or rent ramps or stairs that can be connected to the dumpster. Stairs allow you to keep your back straight as you walk up them and then drop the garbage in. Ramps offer even more protection for an ailing back, and they are ideal if you are in a wheelchair or if you want to push a dolly full of trash up to the edge of the dumpster.

3. A dolly

Whether you use a ramp or a dumpster with a walk-in entry, you should consider renting a dolly with your dumpster. A dolly uses leverage and wheels to lighten the burden of any load. You can place anything from garbage bags, to old appliances, to heavy paving stones and much more on a dolly, and it gives your back a break from lifting and carrying.

Consider renting an appliance dolly rather than a box dolly. The former has straps to help hold big bulky loads in place, while the latter just has a platform for stacking boxes.

4. A dump dolly

If you don't like the idea of pushing a dolly up a ramp or carrying rubbish up stairs, consider looking into a dump dolly. A dump dolly is a dumpster accessory that connects to the side of your dumpster. You push your dolly up to the dump dolly and lock it into place. Then, the dump dolly lifts your load up and dumps it into the dumpster.

You don't have to worry about straining your back or lifting anything. As long as you load the dolly carefully -- remembering to lift with your legs and keep your core engaged -- the dump dolly does the rest of the work for you.

5. A small soft-sided canvas dumpster

Alternatively, instead of adding accessories to a conventional dumpster, consider protecting your back with another approach. In particular, do not rent a conventional dumpster, but rent a small soft-sided canvas one instead. Unlike large, traditional metal dumpsters, lightweight canvas dumpsters can be moved (when empty) without risk to your back, and that makes it easy to change the position of the dumpster if you need to. These dumpsters are also much shorter. As a result, you can walk up to them, while holding your load in a comfortable ergonomic position, and then, you can just drop it in.

If these ideas and features do not appeal to you, consider having the dumpster company load the dumpster for you. You pile up the rubbish, and you let their employees load it into a dumpster and haul it away. Want to get more tips on protecting your back while getting rid of lots of trash? Contact a dumpster rental company like Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. today.