Survival Bunkers: 4 Advantages Of Forklift Batteries As An Extra Power Source

Building a survival bunker has become more and more common through the years. Whether it's a fear of bad storms, nuclear bombs, or other disasters, people have started preparing large bunkers to be prepared for any type of situation. When preparing bunkers, it's easy to stock up on food and supplies, but you also need to be ready for any type of power situation. Traditional generators are often used, but the fumes and exhaust can create problems for indoor areas. This is why many people have turned to forklift batteries. These heavy-duty batteries have many advantages for survival bunkers. Understanding the different features and designs can help you make the best decision on your survival needs.

Used Battery Prices

When searching for any type of large-sized battery, you will find that they sell for very high prices. If you are on a budget, then you need to find battery sources that are affordable and will last for multiple years. This is where the used forklift battery comes in. These batteries cost a lot less than retail and are often fully tested to ensure that they operate at full or near full capacity. This ensures that you will have a quality battery to live off of. These huge batteries can weigh hundreds of pounds, so when searching for the used forklift batteries, it's also important to give the delivery prices in mind. Free delivery will help ensure that the battery is brought right to your bunker. It's a good idea to have a specific location picked out for the battery so that it can have a permanent spot inside the survival bunker.

Easy Power Conversions

A forklift battery is made to supply power to forklifts, but it can also provide you with a lot of other power connections. The top of these batteries feature connection cables for all types of power converters. This allows you to set up basic electricity for lighting, refrigeration, and even electronic devices like tablets and televisions. The diversity of power options makes it easy to set up the bunker exactly how you need it. Larger forklift batteries also feature different rows of power. Each separate cell in the battery can be dedicated to a specific power use. This makes it easy to spread out the power instead of having a single device drain it all from the home.

Solar Power Charging

The batteries have a lot of long-lasting power, but there comes a point where that power will be drained. In this case, solar panels can be wired to the battery for daily charges. Solar power connections are one of the best benefits that comes with using forklift batteries for a survival bunker. The solar panel can be wired to the battery and placed outside of the bunker and in an area where sunlight shines. Each day, the solar power will help replenish the batteries and give you a power supply that can last for multiple days. The bigger capacity the battery, the more power that you will have.


Forklift batteries are made for machine operations. This means that the batteries must have good strength and durability to operate in the machines they are made for. This also makes them ideal for survival bunkers. The batteries can handle dust, moisture, and are tightly sealed to help prevent any battery acid from leaking out. Used forklift batteries are often inspected for any wear or damage that could impact their performance. While shopping for these batteries, it's important to understand the conditions that they were sent in. This can make a huge difference on the quality and long lasting components that the battery has.

Shop around to find the deals on used batteries and shipping, or talk with forklift supply companies like U.S. Lift & Warehouse Equipment Inc for more information. It will help you plan out every last detail for your survival bunker.