Varieties Of FACTS Software And Application Options

FACTS software is software made with various businesses in mind. Initially made to be used by shipping carriers as logistics software, it has evolved into several varieties of software for very different businesses. On top of that, you can customize your software with various built-in applications. The following illustrates some varieties of this company's software and its applications options.

Transportation Version

Trying to keep track of a fleet of trucks on the road, where deliveries are going and when, and whether or not the deliveries are made on time is a massive job. This software version makes all of that a cake walk in the park. You can even track where shipments are once they have left the safety of your trucks. 

Logistics Version 

Where the transportation version keeps track of trucks and shipping, logistics keeps track of the shipments through connected facilities and shipping partners. Most of the time, you would invest in both the transportation and logistics versions so that you are on target and know where everything is, all the time. However, if you are just a small shipping company, a hub of sorts, you may only want the transportation version.

Medical Data Collection Version

Another very useful version of this company's software is the medical data collections version. It helps people in research labs, medical clinics, and even hospitals gather data to determine what the next step in research or patient treatment is. It can be adapted to the working environment by selecting and deselecting applications within the software itself.


What do you want this software to do for you? Well, that depends on which version of the software you choose. If you choose and purchase a version and then install it, you will see your opening screen with several options. Select each tab, check or uncheck the applications you want and need, and repeat until your system is set up and ready to go. (Customer service is available to help.)

Deployment Options for Software and Its Applications

This software is incredibly flexible. It can be deployed from Windows to more obscure operating systems such as AIX and Solaris. Multiple operating systems can use it, which makes interfacing with other companies and other companies' preferred operating systems much easier. You do not have to worry about sharing data with a universally chosen operating system, since everyone using this software can still import the data you are attempting to share without any issues. Additionally, other software is not in competition with this software because this software supports the rest.