Why Chemical Metering Pumps Are Vital To Producing Precise Mixtures

Chemical metering pumps are used in everything from creating detergents to manufacturing vitamin and mineral capsules for human consumption. Without these pumps, there would be no way to get precise mixtures or combine chemicals just right. Here is more on why these pumps are vital to producing exact mixtures:

Preventing Chemical Reactions of a Volatile Nature

There are dozens of chemicals produced in factories that need to be exact, or you end up with an explosion or a fire that refuses to be quenched. Chemical metering pumps are designed to add only very specific amounts to the mixing vats. The meters prevent chemical reactions of a volatile nature by making sure that the chemicals do not exceed the required amount to produce and manufacture the intended chemical. 

For example, let's say your company makes Borax, a powdery soft, crystalline detergent that quickly dissolves in water. To make these products, you would need to have two separate production areas in your plant; then your company would combine boron and a salt of boric acid.

The acid is a liquid form, which would be slowly added to ground boron. The metering pump would extract the correct ratio of boric acid from one tank to combine with the boron in the mixing tank. Too much acid would destroy the efficacy of the boron for cleaning and render it chemically useless for its role in welding. This is just a mild reaction when compared to the combination of dozens of other chemicals.

Reducing Human Error

Humans become distracted, bored, sleepy, etc. when they are working, and they forget to do certain things, or they do too much. In the case of chemical manufacturing, it is very easy to forget if you have already added a liquid chemical to a mixing vat. If you do not add the chemical, the batch fails its intended purpose. If you add double the amount of a liquid chemical to the mixing vat, you could cause a major catastrophe. The metering pumps reduce and eliminate human error, as well as any potentially lethal effects.

Eliminating Waste

Chemical mixtures requiring precise mixing are costly if they do not come out right. Too little of this chemical or too much of that chemical and the entire batch in the mixing vat is wasted; it cannot be used, and must be carefully disposed of or destroyed. That is thousands of dollars of product wasted, all of which can be prevented through the use of chemical metering pumps.

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