Have Smelly Water Problems? What To Know

If your water has some discoloration to it and you can also smell it when it comes through the faucet, it's time to make some changes. You may just have an outdated filtration or softening system, and you want to know what is in your water that is causing these different types of complications. Here are the different issues that you can invest in to have resolved, and things that you want to do right away to make sure that you or someone in the house isn't at risk.

Have Your Water Tested First

You first need to have your water tested to see what type of mineral problems you have, and to see if there are any other serious complications with the water. Problems like too much lead or copper can make the water unsafe to drink, along with cause odors and staining. Get the water tested, and then you'll be able to determine what exact minerals and toxins have to be filtered.

Get the Proper Softening System

There are a variety of softening systems that you can purchase for residential properties to help soften the water as it comes inside the home. This way you pull out the impurities that are staining your clothes and deteriorating you water fixtures or causing foul smells. If you don't feel comfortable installing this type of system on your own, talk with the experts about getting the best option and having them do the installation work.

Consider Improved Filters

You can get fixtures throughout the house that built-in filtration options. This means that as the water comes through the head of a faucet either in the kitchen for the drinking, or a shower for cleansing, you will know that the water has gone through an extra water filtration option. Even containers that get stored in the refrigerator for extra filtration can be beneficial.

Take the time to find out what is causing these water problems in your home and to fix all of these problems the right way. You don't want to end up with damaged hardware and faucets or handles and plumbing, and you don't want to be drinking toxic water. Talk with the plumbing professionals in your area to see what common residential water softeners are successful at treating the water problems that you have and what you can do to make the change so your water is clear, pure, and safe.