3 Questions To Ask Industrial Boiler Manufacturers About Used Boilers

When it comes to replacing industrial boilers or getting more for increased needs, owners have two options. They can either purchase new ones or get themselves used ones. As such, to help you decide what the best option for you is, you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you need the boiler urgently?

  • How much are you willing to spend? 

  • Do you want to test the boiler before deciding?

  • Are you looking forward to a particular type of warranty?

Answering these questions may lead you to consider getting used industrial boilers. On the upside, used boilers can be of the same quality as some new boilers, so don't think of your decision as senseless.

Now that you have set your mind on buying used boilers, you have to make sure they are of high quality and will produce steam for your plant for many years. To do these, here are questions you should ask industrial boiler manufacturers:

Is the Boiler Reconditioned?

In the case of reconditioned boilers, the company selling them takes care of inspections, hydrostatic pressure tests, tube repairs, and replacements, among other integrity issues. You will therefore want to check the boiler for yourself or hire someone else for that job. 

Has the Equipment Been Inspected and Tested?

Inspection agencies or reliable service companies should inspect used boilers for any cracked surfaces or leaks. It is also essential to check for signs of erosion, corrosion, or overheating. Hot spots, scaling, and plugged tubes could be indications of inadequate water treatment and poor maintenance. 

One important test that should be done on your system is the hydrostatic test which checks for tightness of all gaskets, valves, and boiler fittings and flanges. Also, all boiler controls should be checked to see if they are in good working condition.

Are the System's Tubes and Internals Functional?

A boiler that receives regular maintenance and water treatment is set to give you long years of servitude. One of the consequences of failing to give your boiler system the maintenance it requires is tube damage. For this reason, tubes and internal parts should be thoroughly examined.

A visual check is the most reliable and straightforward inspection method for this case. By observing the boiler tubes, you can identify areas of erosion, corrosion, fouling, or overheating issues. In addition, you also need to carry out liquid penetrant and magnetic particle examination, both of which aim to identify thermal fatigue and external cracking.

To sum it up, by going for boiler systems, plant operators and boiler owners save time and money. However, it would be best to consider the above factors before finally going in for the purchase. For more information, contact an industrial boiler manufacturer company.