Nonfat Dry Milk: Must-Know Uses

Have you ever gone out shopping only to discover the local stores are out of milk? Most people go through a similar problem, especially during emergencies when everyone scrambles for essential items. That is more so when infrastructure is compromised, and suppliers fail to bridge the gap between dairy farms and consumers. But such an issue shouldn't be the reason your household lacks vital nutrients. You can ensure you and your loved ones have everything you need to live a healthy life by using nonfat dry milk.

What is Nonfat Dry Milk?

Nonfat dry milk (NFDM) is a powdery substance manufactured by taking water and dairy cream out of skim milk. This product is considered as nutritious as fluid milk because it provides all the nutrients human beings need, including calcium, protein, and vitamin A and D. To enjoy what NFDM has to offer, simply mix it with water, then blend and consume. Most people also favor nonfat dry milk because it's easy to transport and dispense, and it comes with a long shelf life.

Uses of Nonfat Dry Milk

You can enhance your household's nutrition by adding nonfat dry milk to any of the following:

1.       Milkshake

If you are a big milkshake fan, here's something that can make your beverage more nourishing and tasty—nonfat dry milk. And if you're worried it may interfere with your favorite flavors, don't be. The reason is powdered milk blends well with most recipes, especially those involving sweet cream. That means you can use this dairy product to make chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and many other milkshake flavors. For even better results, try adding different amounts of NFDM in your milkshake or experiment with various recipes until you settle on an option that you like.

2.       Tea or Coffee

Nonfat dry milk is ideal for anyone searching for a healthier substitute for creamer or cream to add to coffee or tea. If you don't know by now, daily intake of non-dairy creamer in your coffee or tea is highly likely to raise bad cholesterol levels. It can also increase the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, among other health issues, mainly because most of these products are chock-full of sugar, thickeners, and partially hydrogenated oil. Therefore, if you want to avoid the adverse consequences of consuming unhealthy substances like trans fats, replacing non-dairy creamer with NFDM may be an excellent starting point.

3.       Baked goods

Baking with non-fat powdered milk is highly advisable, especially if you want to make chewier, tenderer goods like brownies and cookies. When you bake with NFDM, the sugar present also caramelizes, resulting in products with an alluring and appetizing brown hue. Plus, nonfat dry milk helps baked products rise and encourages a nutty, richer flavor.

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