What Are The Benefits Of Getting Custom Woven Wire Mesh?

Woven wire mesh results from weaving different wire strands to form different shapes, e.g., rectangular, twilled, circular, square, or plain shapes and designs. Woven wire mesh has multiple industrial, agricultural, architectural, and domestic applications. For example, it can be a fence or a dirt and insect sieve in home windows and doors. Therefore, it is essential to get the proper customization to realize their purpose effectively. Below are the benefits of getting custom woven wire mesh.

Strength and Durability

When looking for a woven wire mesh, the first thing to consider is its strength compared to its intended purpose. For example, if you're looking for an animal cage or storage locker material, you need a mesh the animal cannot easily break through or that can handle the weight of items you put in the locker. Getting custom wire mesh enables you to incorporate features that result in a robust end product. For instance, double crimp weaving can provide additional strength to the wires. You can also select wires made from quality and strong metals such as stainless steel. A high-strength woven mesh also enhances durability, minimizing regular repair and maintenance expenses. 

Design Flexibility

Wire mesh takes different shapes; therefore, customization enables you to blend these shapes and create unique designs based on your preferences. For instance, when looking for wire mesh for your cabinet doors, you can create classic square wire mesh to get a rustic and uncluttered theme to break the monotony of premade wires. You may also give your front door a fancier decorative touch by using custom circle-themed wire mesh. Customization also allows you to add colors and coatings to your mesh to conform perfectly with your application needs, e.g., business brand or insulation.

Safety and Ventilation

The open spaces in woven wire mesh ensure airflow in several applications, resulting in safety and preventing damage. Getting custom woven wire mesh allows you to create enough gaps, depending on the ventilation and safety needs. For example, when using computer servers in a busy environment such as large offices, customizing your mesh enables you to create enough spaces on the mesh to get sufficient airflow and maintain optimal performance. Larger gaps also provide enough visibility in areas where monitoring activities is vital. On the other hand, you may also weave the wire mesh to get smaller spaces to protect your equipment and employees from flying debris without compromising ventilation features.

Easy Installation and Maintenance 

Another benefit of using custom woven wire mesh is easy installation and maintenance. Since they combine stranded wires instead of heavy-duty metals, woven wire mesh is easy to carry and install for various applications such as windows, which don't require special heavy-lifting equipment. The many gaps prevent the mesh from collecting dust and stains. In return, it makes cleaning easier. Easy installation and cleaning mean minimal expenditure on labor costs and maintenance.


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