Useful Removal Tips For Older Hex Head Bolts

There are a lot of components that have hex head bolts to hold materials in place. If you need to remove these fasteners from said materials and they're pretty old, here are some removal tips to be aware of.

Determine if There is Damage

The first thing you need to do when attempting to remove an older hex head bolt from a material is to give it a thorough inspection to check for damage. You need to know what condition the bolt is in after all because then you'll understand which removal techniques are appropriate. 

For instance, if the head of a hex head bolt was severely compromised, then you would probably want to just cut it off and then use an extraction kit the rest of the way. Whereas if the older bolt was in relatively good condition, you can just use a standard tool like a wrench and then start the removal process with confidence. 

Use Oil as Lubricant to Reduce Friction 

Older hex head bolts may be dirty and even have some corrosion, which can make it harder to complete a removal. In this case, you may want to put some lubricant on the bolt first. This helps reduce friction and subsequently makes this removal process easier to manage. 

Just make sure you use an oil solution that's specifically designed for the material that these bolts are made of, so you can avoid causing any sort of damage. The oil solution shouldn't be able to cause the bolt's material to break down and thus leave this fastener in an unusable state.

Use a Rust Removal Product on the Head if Necessary

If a lot of rust has developed on the head of your hex bolt, it's probably best to treat it before you attempt removal. Then you can get a better grip with the wrench or screwdriver that you plan on using to facilitate this fastener removal process.

There are plenty of rust removal products available for fasteners today. Again, it helps to find a product that's specifically designed for the material that your hex head bolts are made of. You can then treat rust without causing damage. 

If you need to remove older hex head bolts from materials, it's important to follow the right removal protocols from beginning to end. Things like inspections and lubricants can help you have success without running into tough obstacles. For more information on hex head bolt removals, contact a professional near you.